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Upstreman Double Door Mini Fridge

Offers cooler and freezer in separate compartments, which provide you the desired storage condition for food and drinks. Ideal for personal use at dorm, office and bedroom.

Ice Maker

A bit of Story

How it all started?
The Upstreman saga finds its genesis in a void, a market gap discovered by our founder. A gap marked by limited choices in compact refrigerators for dorms and offices, where quality was elusive and no brand championed the space. Recognizing the opportunity, Upstreman stepped in to craft truly value-driven mini-fridges designed for dorm and office scenarios.

Embedded within Upstreman's essence is a resolute commitment to the idea of 'home' as the heart's sanctuary. As our journey unfolds, our achievements stand tall. Our refrigerators have claimed Amazon's #1 spot in the refrigerator category